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SBI (Site Build It) Review

Searching for an SBI review? Let me guess…you’ve heard some good things about Site Build It but most of what you’ve read has been on overseas websites (SBI is Canadian based) and you’re not sure how well it works for Australian small businesses, or if what you’ve read is all hype.

So, what exactly is Site build It?

Site Build It is a complete DIY website builder, web hosting (including domain name registration), search engine optimisation (SEO) and online marketing system. The cost…last time I checked…is around US$300 per year. Even allowing for an exchange rate which usually sees us Aussies at a disadvantage, that is still a fraction of what you’d pay¬†professional web developers and search engine optimisation companies. It’s not unusual for small businesses to fork out up to $30,000.

Will an investment of under $500 get you the same results as an investment of $30,000? Obviously if you employ professional web developers and SEO consultants they can achieve things an SBI site will not be capable of. The question is…does YOUR small business need to invest $30K to achieve YOUR goals.

Is SBI the right choice for EVERY business. Clearly, the answer is no. As a business analyst who has been involved in online marketing, web design and SEO for many years now I can tell you that for some businesses you will need a fully developed, custom designed and SEO’d solution. And you’ll need to spend far more than a few hundred dollars.


For many small business owners, entrepreneurs and especially local service providers (accountants, solicitors, landscape gardeners etc) SBI provides a DIY alternative that will be far more effective than a yellow pages listing. Even if you’re not into DIY (or simply don’t have the time) SiteSell Services can now build an SBI site for you.

Why do I Recommend Site Build It?

I became familiar with SBI when a client in the US asked me to review his SBI site and help him build it. Doug already had a sales site but he was using his SBI personal training site as a credibility builder and for driving traffic to his sales site.

This is where SBI is very effective. It allows you to create a content site which the search engines will love and actually add value to your small…or very small…business. And, it will do it with all the hand-holding you’ll need. After all, you’re NOT a web expert, or a Search Engine Optimisation expert. You have a business to run…right?

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Is Site Build It Suitable for Australian Businesses?

Site Build it does come with a domain name included as part of the package, but this is a .com rather than a .com.au. However that hasn’t prevented many Australians from creating successful sites. If you are targeting Australian customers my advice is to set Australia as your geographic target in Google Webmaster Tools.

If you want to register a .com.au domain you can arrange for your domain registrar to do a permanent redirect (called a 301 redirect). This means that anyone who types your .com.au domain into a browser will be redirected to your SBI site.


The main point I want to convey with this Site Build It review is that SBI is not a magic pill. If you want to build success online you have to be prepared to add…as SiteSell founder Ken Evoy puts it…BAM (Brains & Motivation). SBI is a set of tools…easy to use, comprehensive¬†and good value…but at the end of day only YOU can make it a success.

SBI isn’t the right solution for every business, but for many¬†local business owners, work-from-home mums & dads, service providers, students, retirees and even network marketers, Site Build It is a very effective solution.

SBI Affiliate Program

For many years now I have been a SiteSell affiliate. If you’ve ever wanted to give affiliate marketing a try this is THE BEST program to get involved with. SBI is a quality product which I’m PROUD to recommend, and that’s what sets it apart. Ken Evoy is one of the good guys of the Web and has built a company based on integrity.